RESERVATIONS (through this site)
Upon receiving your registration, it will be categorized as tentative and we will hold your dates for you. Your reservation will then be updated with the verified rental amount and taxes, and instructions for payments will be provided to you. If you are satisfied with the reservation, you should then make the booking payment, and your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt by the property owner.
After checking on availability and rates, if you wish to make a reservation, click the green box below and a form will open to begin your registration for a reservation at Disney Star.
What is the difference between a RESERVATION and a QUOTE?
A Reservation means "I am satisfied with the price info I have and want the dates reserved right now".

A Quote means "I want more info so I can make a decision later on making a reservation". 
If you would like a quote detailing the costs for a reservation, please click the button below and complete the information on the form which opens.  Once you have submitted your information you will receive a "Quote" from the Owner. It will contain the exact amounts of the cost of your stay.  If the information is acceptable to you then you can continue the registration process by clicking on the green button above or by clicking on the  link in the "Quote" email.
A note about our process.  When you begin the registration process our system will transmit your information directly to the property owner who will then provided you all of the details about your reservation.
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